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Install web interface after migrating to new server

Hi.  I'm managing a windows install of CrushFTP setup by a predecessor.  I need to migrate it to a new windows server.  I have done the following steps.

1.Copied the folder to the new server

2. Run CrushFTP and removed/reinstalled the windows service.

How do I access the web interface?  Does the "WebInterface" folder need to be hosted under IIS or does crushFTP service host the webinterface itself?  Opening http://localhost/ on the new server does not work.

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IIS should not be running, same as it was on the prior server.  We have nothing to do with IIS and it only causes problems for keep it uninstalled.

Once the service is started, and any firewall ports are allowing access, then the same ports that worked on the prior server should work here too.

Maybe the crush sentence was configured bound to a specific LAN IP?  Check what CrushFTP.log is logging once its running.

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