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Deny modify files, how to make

If I put the download option, when I open the document and modify the document, it will be modified. If you remove the download option, the files do not open.

You can't.  To be able to open a document, you need download.  Once the file is downloaded, CrushFTP can't control it anymore...its on your local disk.



But why when I open the document and I save it, it overwrites the document on the server? I put in the server settings the ban on writing.

You are mistaken in some way.  If they downloaded the file, the only place they re making changes is locally on their drive.  The web browser doesn't re-uplaod their changes.

I do this with Windows Explorer ))


Are you using WebDAV?


What method in Windows explorer?

What exact permissions are set on the user in the User Manager for their VFS?

Sorry that did not immediately write. Yes, I use WebDav in Windows 10



There is still something wrong here...  If you are logged in as this account, you cannot write the file changes.  So you are either logged in as another account, or the file was not really modified...

I go to the account in which I put restrictions on the record. But unfortunately when you open the file and save, the file is overwritten. Do you want me to shoot the video?


No, but provide the log from CrushFTP.log showing the upload.
I tried yesterday


(133 KB)

This log has no uploads.  The file was never modified on the server side.




Your giving me parts of the whole picture...Id on't know why your making it so hard to figure out what your doing.  Just give me all the info about that is going on.

What username is this for?

What folder was this in?

What file was uploaded?

What time was it at?

Was the user "webdav"?  And the folder "БАЗА" or was it "Сотрудники" as I see a mix of both folders all over the log.  I see an upload of a temp file ".~lock.Документ Microsoft Word.docx#" and not the real file...etc.

You only showed me info about the "БАЗА" folder, but the upload was in "Сотрудники"....


 Sorry Ben, I really should have done so from the beginning. I repeated all the actions. I am sending you a new file CrushFTP.log
1. Yes user webdav
2. Folder "БАЗА". On the folder "Сотрудники" issued other rights
3. /БАЗА/21.Ипотека/Анкета для поток.docx
4. 05/23/2017 18:09:23

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