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Deny admin logon from external IP

Is it possible to deny the "admin" user logons from all external IP addresses, e.g. only allow logins from default internal network ranges, e.g. 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x, and 172.16.x.x ?

Perhaps even more granular, and only allow login from certain approved IP ranges? I have a CrushFTP server running at my work, and although our password is rather secure, it is known by several people within the IT department, and instead of having to change passwords every time an IT person leaves, I would much rather just restrict admin access to internal only. Anyone that is still an employee would just have to VPN in to administer the FTP site.

How can do this?

You would do this in the User Manager for the user setting the list of allowed IPs that could be used...


 I need to do this as well. What would be the correct syntax for the entries under IP restrictions? Would I add an entry for each private IP range, e.g. A198.168.1.0,, A10.1.1.1,


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