CrushFTP 8.1 Released



_3:faster s3 VFS item access

_10:logging improvements for debugging failed chunked uploading

_11:added connection pooling support to CrushTask jobs Move/Copy

_15:added debug logging for job timing

_18:added singleuser maintenance mode and password rules per user basis

_20:preliminary support for scheduled reports

_22:added support for user manager rollback of prior user saves

_28:added restore user function to User Manager

_31:changed how SSH forwarding rules apply

_37:CSV format of report can be emailed

_38:SSH DH Prime size can be downgraded if needed and added Azure protocol support

_39:added ability to allow root level invisible item passing one level deep, but not further

_40:added ability to disallow view and yet override it on a per folder or file basis

_43:when IP is banned, terminate all connected session from that IP

_49:security improvements in XML handling


_1:fix for not validating file size at the end of HTML5 upload

_2:fix for HTML5 closeFile out of sync looping

_4:fix for Previews being attempted on files in progress

_5:fix for overwrite failures when using temp upload filenames and a HTML5 failed transfer

_6:fix for v8_beta flag causing issues from CrushFTP v7 upgrades

_7:fix for s3 caching bug

_8:fix for HTML5 uploads on unstable networks

_9:fix for replicating 0 byte files

_12:fix for FTP client in Jobs config failing after one file transfer.

_13:html5 upload fix for troubled network connections.

_14:fix for quota lookup from DMZ

_15:fixes for HTML5 and poor network conditions

_16:fix for HTML5 debug issue

_17:fix for reported size on HTML5 resumed uploads and SSO header authentication

_19:fix for file size on HTML5 uploads

_21:fix for deleting expired template accounts

_23:fix for job scheduler saves making schedule run for next day

_24:fix for stopped server restarting on save

_25:fix for UsersList task and exclusion of groups.

_26:fix for zip64 and DMZ linked VFS permissions loss

_27:fix for ssh port forwarding bug

_28:fix for nested jobs when targeted with an event

_29:fix for DMZ permission paths

_30:fix for phantom DMZ permission entries

_31:fix for DMZ permissions, and fix for signed jars like CrushSync not starting

_32:fix for SFTP user timeout not always being honored

_33:fixed upload error on HTML5 uploader

_34:fixed idle http session handling

_35:fix for duplicate zip paths in multiple merged VFS

_36:fix for FileParser CrushTask and quoted CSV files

_41:fix for replication and subitems when doing a make directory

_42:fix for view permission being removed on a directory and the directory disappearing form the list 

_44:fix for auto stopping DMZ ports when internal server is down

_45:rolled back LDAP change causing login failures

_46:fix for LDAP when referencing LDAP keys that don't exist

_47:fix for multithreaded dir listings and sftp dates when proxying data

_48:fix for s3 sharing of empty folders and msg for alerts, and pass expiration with sftp