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Use Folder As Root

Recently downloaded a trial version of CrushFTP and am trying to see if it meets our requirements.

One of the requirements we have is that a given user should be assigned a folder in our filesystem, and this folder should be used as their root folder when logged into the server ('/').


user: samplecorp

filesystem folder: D:/samplecorp

ftp folder: /

this way if there are sub directories like D:\samplecorp\in that same folder's path on the ftp should be /in

I was able to get this type of functionality working when just adding the entire D:\ drive, but if I add a single folder when the user logs in they see just the one folder, and have to navigate into it /samplecorp instead of having / mapped to it.

Any guidance would be appreciated,

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If a user has one item, they start "in" that item.

If they have been granted access to two or more different locations, then they start at "/" and must choose where they want to go.

You do not need to give them the entire D drive.  Give them just samplecorp, and no other folders.  At login, they will start inside of it, and can then go to /in/.


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