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Upload Button in web interface for clients

Hello guys!

I'm trying to create a button for upload when our clients are accessing our server through web browser, but without success so far.

This is because we are facing several IP routes problems when using FTP with standard FTP client softwares when the client are from far locations. So I guess that we can use http access to avoid the problematic clients.

If is there something better to avoid this problem that I am missing, I will be glad to know.

Thank you!

What is the issue?  Your putting a link on your website to take them to the CrushFTP WebInterface for your server and soemthign isn't working?  What isn't working?

The user do connect to the web interface, but has no option for upload files.


Then that implies in the User Manager you never gave them access to a folder, and enabled the upload permission on that folder...?

Did you watch the quick start video as it covers making a user and getting you started.



Well, your premise is wrong.
The fact is that all that is already done, but still don't have any buttons for upload in the webbrowser client side.

I annexed two screencaptures from the settings of this particular user.


CrushFTP   User Manager.png
(93.9 KB)

So send a screenshot of the page of what you are getting...

What exact CrushFTP version is this too?

Hi Ben,

We are running CrushFTP Version 7.7.0_66 in a Debian 8.

Since you have a DNS that starts with the magical 3 letters "ftp" when you enter a URL or have a link, you have to specifically imply the protocol to use or the browser will decide for you.



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Thank you very much Ben!

A hug from Brazil =]


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