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Moving sessions to mysql

Hi Guys,

Is there any way we can move sessions to mysql from crushFTP.


Sessions as in Statistics?

You can change the DB being used in the preferences, stats config.  Change the DB driver, DB URL, user, pass, etc.

Hi Ben,

From sessions i meant whenever i am logging to crushftp with some user credentials the related session should go to mysql. Is Statistics the same thing because i have configured stats config from crushftp and connected to database.

But while logging in no data is going to sessions table.


If you do the Test DB on stats config, does it work?

What exact crush version is this?

Yes while clicking on test DB it is saying connected .

I am using crushftp 8.


Have you changed any of the queries?  Or are they left at defaults?

Reset the stats config to defaults, reconfigure your SQL driver, URL, etc, test DB, restart CrushFTP, login, transfer a file, and logout.

It worked. Thanks Ben.

Seemed some driver problem. Thanks for your help


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