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Cannot delete user files/folders from share

 Hello team!

We are running CrushFTP 7.7.0_62 in a Debian 8 Virtual Machine.

The volume where we save the users folders are an ISCSI volume mouted as a Hard Drive in Debian, and shared trough SAMBA over the network.

Everything that are created under the users account using FTP clients on these folders cannot be deleted/renamed/moved, unless we give delete permissions to the user.

The problem is that we need to edit some folders and files using the network share.

What I have to change to be able to do that?

In the User Manager, you can set the POSIX user info to use...owner, group, and permissions.

username staff 777

Set that, then things will be fine.

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Hey Ben,

Followed your instructions and now all is working like I wanted.

Sorry for my bad English and thank you very much for the quick and precise response.


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