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JAVA Applet

Is there a plan now that many browsers aren't supporting JAVA to have something else for the fast uploading and downloading?

v8 has by default an advanced HTML5 uploader that can get better speeds than normal browsers do.  But its limited in what browsers are capable of.  Nothing can compete with the Java applet...its just how it is.

Yes fair enough.. So could there be a way of forcing java to run outside a browser...  So we want an easy workflow to get users to download fast even if they are forced to download something first, like happens with aspera say , so there is an agent that automatically downloads and has to be installed.

Something that makes it easy for end users.. At the moment they just get the Java not installed error but no solution that is easy for them, because their browser doesn't support Java probably.

Its not just the speed it's the fact things get zipped if there are multiple things that we prefer avoiding..

Just my thoughts :)

We have a command line tool, which also has a UI to it making it "feel" like a traditional FTP style client, but all in the browser.  Drag and drop a folder, and its transferred, etc.

Aspera does browser plugins which create security issues, and require continuous maintenance, and difficulties as browsers keep changing technologies, etc.  Even they have issues with the browser plugin changes.

So the stand alone app is the solution to this issue.  It can be set to launch as a JNLP app that just pops open the web page with the client running in the background, etc.

Is that of interest?

Yes I think that would do it

So we could have it that when people want to download multiple items we could have the crush client automatically run... or download if not installed already?

And how!


I'm not really sure how to implement this, and although there are issues with Aspera type App it's relatively easy for end users which is what we need. 

Is there more documentation than this?

If you just want accelerated web downloads and uploads, have them go through a CrushTunnel.  You give them a JNLP file, or add a link to it on your download page.

Then run it (requires java on their machine, but not in the browser at all), there is a menu bar icon for it, they select launch browser, then proceed as normal with the WebInterface.  All traffic is going through the tunnel, you get network resilience, and faster transfers, etc.



Ok just trying this out.. I download the Crushtunnel - prompted for user and password.. I then get a JAVA logging window... But where do I see the launch browser button? If I just open a browser normally then it errors saying can't launch java etc.

Also does this work for uploads as well as downloads?

And how about shares?

Thanks very much


Its like a VPN...all your traffic goes over the tunnel.  But the WebInterface and everything in it works identical, its just going over the tunnel.

Did you also configure the CrushTunnel config as per the website's high speed file transfer link?

You do *not* try and activate Java in the browser at all.  That would defeat the point of this config.

The tunnel part works and all users can use it enabled in user manager..If I use IE then it works fine

If I download and run then JNLP it asks for username and password, The I open Edge and try an advanced download and the java not loaded error comes up...

What did I do wrong?

You tried to use I said before, you do not try and enable java in the browser.

Your browser is sainted pointed at localhost port 55555.

No applets, no advanced mode, just normal web browser usage...any browser.

Ah right I get it...I think it's working now

- it still zips up more than one file though?

- does it work with uploads?... And is there an advantage over the new uploader?

CrushFTP 8's uploaded supports resume when used in edge, chrome, safari, and Firefox. It supports folders too in edge, chrome, and Firefox. Downloads are of course still zipped as a browser can only give you one file per mouse click. But things are accelerated over high latency connections giving you faster speeds like aspera would do.

Does this approach work with uploads as well as downloads... So we run the JNPL and log in then log into the web interface - 

Does this use the tunnel for uploads or is that always the HTML5 uploader? 

I'm just trying to understand and give easy instructions to our clients. 

And is there a way to spot the crushtunnel is working on the client side? once you have logged in it disappears... So if they forget then they won't spot it other than it being slow?



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