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Reports are not running

We have a CrushFTP server (version 8.0.4_21) installed on Ubuntu/Linux, and CrushFTP is not running as root. It mostly works fine, except all the reports fail to run. All the reports (I tried almost all of them) give an error message "No data available for report"

I've tried different reports and different time periods but it seems to make no difference. 

Current Logins report says "The report 'CurrentLogins' is not yet configured."

Any thoughts? The behavior is the same for Chrome and Firefox.

Update your install first to the latest build to see if there are still issues as you have a version right before we finished our report tool migration.

The upgrade was successful. One of the reports run correctly: 

- UserUsage

I'm not sure if this is because of the upgrade. The others still fail. The files are created in SavedReports directory, but they are zero bytes. Anything else I could try?

In your WebInterface folder, reports folder, delete all the .SQL files.  Then try a report again.

Thanks for the fast responses. I removed the .sql files from WebInterface/Reports/ but still get the "No data available" error for most reports including:

- FailedLogins
- Shares Summary

- User IPs

Running the reports does re-create the .sql corresponding files. I'm still searching for the underlying cause, perhaps a misconfiguration somewhere. 

Go tot he admin, reference,s stats config, and click test now.  Does the DB connection give an error?

Go tot he SQL query tab and try this query:

select count(*) from SESSIONS

Does that work?  How many sessions does it return?

Did you empty browser cache and reload the admin when trying to run reports?

Yes, it gives an error. When I click "Test DB" I get Error:java.lang.NullPointerException. 

I get the same Error:java.lang.NullPointerException when running that query. 

I get the same error running in Chrome Incognito Window (i.e. without browser cache). 

Is disable_stats set to true?

What DB driver, and what DB URL is configured?

How big is your statsDB folder?

My guess is the statsDB folder is corrupt, so the DB doesn't start at crush launch, and as a result, all reports and statistics gathering are failing.

I'm not David, but I work with him.

1. disable_stats is set to false

2. driver = org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver

3. url = jdbc:derby:./statsDB;create=true

4. statsDB size = 4.4MB

I don't know what size the stats dir should be. This install of Crush hasn't been running very long but we have several thousand users.

stop CrushFTP, rename statsDB to statsDB_off, start CrushFTP.  Login, transfer a file, logout.

Try the report again now.

Sorry for the late reply. It seems as if that fixed everything but Current Logins, which didn't work in our test VM either (when the other reports worked).

Update tomorrow...we are working on the fix to that report.  It will be done by tomorrow.

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