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CrushTask PGP Decrypt Failing

Our server is setup to automatically PGP-encrypt all files as we receive them.  That works perfectly.  However, for a specific user, I am trying to create a CrushTask that decrypts the file and move it to another location.  The decryption is failing part of the way through.  The original, encrypted file is listed (i.e. "image.jpg"), plus another file named "image.jpg.decrypting", which I am able to verify that it is decrypted and can be opened.  However, the failure log says that it is failing on the Pgp step, and the file never makes it to the second step in the CrushTask.

Is there anything else I should need to set up?

Can you give the job log so i can see what it shows?

Where is that located?  I see a folder under "jobs" related to it, but it looks like it is more of a job settings file rather than a log.

Nevermind - found it.  I have anonymized the server and path info.

(2.12 KB)

The PGP file was signed by the private key matching the pub key you set.  So either turn off verification, or get the right public key configured so verification succeeds.

Uploads into CrushFTP are not signed as its all localhost going don't expect to be able to verify the file when decrypting.

Thanks.  Turning verification off worked.

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