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sharing issue

When I try to share anything from my crush ftp server I get an error message when trying to login to the shared link. This is the second crush ftp server I have setup and did not have any issues on the last one. I've attached a screen shot

Also Trying to add quick share to the buttons. Can you please help.


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You have most likely deleted or disabled your "TempAccount" user in the User Manager.  Re-enable or create a new user named "TempAccount" and just save it with no other changes.

That was so fast!

Thanks very much that fixed the problem. 

I removed sharing in the past to add "quick share" to avoid the email dialogue and go directly to the link window. Can you help me with that as well

In the User Manager, default user, WebInterface section, buttons section.

Remove the Share button, and add the Quick Share button.



Sharing Files, when you navigate to the link, the message, "the selected resource was not found" is generated.  I have recreated the TempAccount as I could not delete it, so I renamed the old and created a new, and this still does not resolve the issue. 

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when you get the error about resource not found, what URL is showing?  What URL did it try and redirect you to?

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