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Hammering rules


I want to know is there any hammering rules setting in CrushFTP to avoid banning of IP's continuously?

Yes, its in the admin, preferences, banning tab.

Hii Ben,

Is there any way to find out due to which hammering rule IP is banned?

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Next tot he banned IP, it indicates which rule triggered the ban.

Hii Ban,

Thanks for help.
Also I want to migrate CrushFTP from internal DB to you have any documents regarding to this?



We don't use a DB by default, and its unwise to use a DB unless there is a *real* need for it.  Using a DB to hold the users makes things slower, uses more memory, provides dos security benefit, and creates another point of failure that can make the server fail.

Why would you want to do that?

Our flat XML files are much more robust in every way.

The admin, preferences, user config provides the schema, and button to import from XML to SQL, and vice versa...but I wouldn't use a DB unless you really have to.  Its almost always the wrong choice to do so.

There is too much load on server. And in one comment you mention it to use mysql or mssql to avoid it.


I misunderstood your question thinking you were referring to moving users to a DB.  Sorry about that.

Don't move users to a DB.

For statistics though, take a look at the admin, preferences, stats config tab.  It has the schema for the DB, and the config for the DB.  It already has default for MySQL configured just needing you to point it at the mysql drive jar file and fill in the url, user, pass.

But I have to install mysql on my FTP server to connect it.
Is this below process is correct?
1.Setup/insatll the MySQL first. Download the latest mysql connector J
2.Have the tables created.
3.Export and Import data


Thats scenario looks correct.

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