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Slow upload and download speeds on crush FTP

I'm getting 150 KB/s up right now. We have 05 up and 20 Down internet.

Any ideas

Need quite a bit more info.

If your server has 20 down, and your client has 1.5 up, then you are only going to be able to upload from your clint at 1.5.

So whats needs does your server have, and whats needs does your client have?

What protocol are you using?  SFTP, HTTP(s), FTP(ES)?

What is the latency between your client and server?  100ms?  10ms?  200ms?  Latency affects file transfer speed too.



I was actually going to ask this exact question. Instead opening a new thread -

We are currently on a 700Mbps up and down line, but CrushFTP maxes at 5MB/s local or external. If we transfer to the server (bypassing CrushFTP), we get 110MBs. Normally we use HTTPs, but we do also have FTP enabled...

I have speed limits set to 0 (unlimited). Any suggestions to help boost speed? This has always been the case, but we are currently on: 7.7.0_15

If your using SFTP, its limited by latency greatly.  FTP/FTPES/HTTP/HTTPS are not as sensitive to latency.

For SFTP, prefs, SFTP port, SSH tab, remove the 3DES cipher.  Then clients will use AES based ciphers which are much faster.

For HTTPS/FTPES, in your admin, preferences, encryption, SSL, type "GCM" and then move all the GCM ciphers from the enabled side to the disabled side.  GCM ciphers are software emulated and much slower than AES ciphers.  So by removing them, its much faster.

If those don't help, then knowing the protocol, client, and especially the latency between them is critical to finding the slowness.



Thanks Ben, I just did this and will test a bit later. Would I need to reboot or restart the web service at all for the changes to go through?

Random side question - are you switching to full HTML5 for v8?

Yes, restart the HTTPS port.

Yes, v8 uses as much HTML5 as we can do.  Only Chrome really has good support, FF, Safari, and IE suck at it.  Edge just got support for some things we needed like a couple weeks ago.

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