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File Encryption Method

We are facing an issue where we would like to be able to decrypt files outside of Crushftp.  in our case teh files are sent to us, CrushFTP uses file encryptoin to encrypt the files, an external job copies those files to another location for Pickup by an ETL processing agent. I want those files to remain encrypted throughout the whole process and the ETL agent to be able to decrypt them in process. I think that if the key file is sahred from crushftp to my ETL agent, it too can decrypt those files.  Can you shed some light on what method you are using fomr encryption?  



Its PGP encryption, and when you created the key pair you had a private key dn public key.  The public key is encrypting the data, your ETL area needs the private key and its password to decrypt the PGP file.  The file does not have a .PGP extension even though its contents are PGP data.

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Perfect - this is exactly what i needed to know. Thanks for your help.

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