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AutoHostHttp - logging to confirm FQDN ?

Is there a way to capture which FQDN a user is trying to log in from?

I've tried setting up the @AutoHostHttp for the user connection groups. But every time I test the log in I am told I have incorrect username or password.

When I switch the server to the user connection group with the name I thought would be the FQDN ( then everything works as expected.

I presume AutoHostHttp isn't getting the domain name that I think it is getting. I've tried user connection group names with/without www. and with/without the port numbers too.

Can I see in a log or report somewhere to confirm what name I should be using for the user connection group so that it matches the FQDN that AutoHostHttp sees?

(not a critical issue - I'm happy having a separate server for each domain name - just thought it was a cool feature so tried to implement my setup using AutoHostHttp first).



@AutoHostHttp will change the User Connection Group on t he server port dynamically to match the host name being used.

So if they use to get to you, it will look for a User Connection Group called "" and try and find their user in that User Connection Group.

If you look in your CrushFTP folder, users, do you have a hostname folder in here that contains the username?  Just want to make sure that is ready and working...

BTW, if they used to get to you, then the User Connection Group would be "".

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