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Duplicate user names in separate user connection groups

Just noticed a possible bug. Somehow I ended up with two admin users with the same name, but under separate User Connection groups.

They appear to work fine independently of each other, but when I tried to delete one, while logged in as the other, the Delete function tells me I cannot delete the user while I'm also logged in as that account. But I was logged in via the other User Connection group as I have one group per URL.

The solution was to rename the duplicate user and then delete it.

But just wanted to mention it as looks like the delete user process is unaware of the user connection group functionality.

That was the correct work around.  We don't look at what User Connection Group your in, doesn't matter.  Its a blanket can't delete a user with the name your logged in as.  So this is expected and intentional.

Ah, that's good news then. Glad it's intended behaviour - better to be over safe than accidentally delete the main admin user :)

thanks for the quick reply!

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