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Admin user depending on IP


I would like to see a function that I can control what a user can do if they are in the office or outside the office (ip range). For example, creating users is only available from inside the office. A second VFS might be used if logging in from outside the office.



Make two IP bindings.  One that gets connections from external and has a separate user DB.  one that gets connections from internal and has its own separate user DB.

Or use a separate port for admins actions and don't allow external connectivity to that port.



THanks Ben, but I am not certain I explained it well enough.

Basically I want a user to be treated as admin if he logs in from a specific IP range, but the same user will not have the admin rights if logged in from outside the IP range.

We have currently limited IP connectivity to everyone being an admin and using a separate account for them when doing other stuff form the outiside.


Worded like  Only based on t the port that they hit and reach...which can be restricted to certain IP ranges.

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