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Downloading files via Safari all filenames are all 'Unknown'

We recently switched to CrushFTP from VSFTPD, and are seeing something rather odd.  Every single file downloaded by a user using Safari, has the filename set to 'Unknown'.  The content is fine, and I can rename the file after the fact without an issue and it'll work, the md5 hash is good too.  I'm seeing this in Safari, but not in Edge, IE, or Firefox.  And before anybody says well then don't use Safari, of course nobody gets a choice over what browser their clients use.  

From some googling, all that I can even guess at is some anecdotal evidence suggesting a bug/feature request in WebKit related to HTML5, (which makes very little sense), but of course this issue did not exist with VSFTPD, so that brings me back here.

Has anyone else seen an issue like this?

Were you using a HTTP(s) interface with VSFTPD to download files?  Or were you using FTP?

Are you using the WebInterface to login, navigate and click to download?  Or are you sign Safari is a glorified FTP client viewing directory listings?




Thanks for the response Ben, simply a plain ftp link on an https page (company's support portal):

<li>Download the Virtual Appliance: <a href="" target="_blank">50GB OVA</a></li>

It's really just that simple we're embedding the credentials in the link.  I stripped out of course actual usernames and the real domain name and so-forth.

Screenshot of Safari with an active download of that link attached.

This is a bug in Safari.  This is definitely not an issue with CrushFTP.  Safari is a horrible FTP client, always has been.  They are probably trying something where they expected a certain reply, and if the reply format isn't exactly that, they just report unknown...I don't know.

There is no excuse for this, and this is a recent didn't used to be like this.

However...since you have CrushFTP, you can avoid this.

That will do the same, but do it all via HTTP(s).  Faster, secure, and avoiding bad implementations of a FTP protocol.



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