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Unable to replicate the data in CDRC01 and 02


CDRC01 and CDRC02 having one virtual IP. When CDR's are coming from PSM to Virtual ip of CDRC then CDR's gets reflected  Only on Active CDRC. It should have to reflect on standby CDRC also. SO can you please help me. where to check, which configuration files to be check?

I'm not following your acronyms and machine references...

What is the real question here?

What is mean by "reflect"?

Our Web interface (URL)  crushftp ip is the virtual ip of CDRC01 and CDRC02 (Means Bonding).  CDR's from other sources will come first on Virtual ip, .ie on Crush FTP then it should have to distribute on both CDRC ( Active + stand by) But in my case CDR's are getting in only Active CDRC. it should have to reflect on standby CDRC also.  So where this configuration is present? and what i have to check to get CDR's on both active and standby CDRC?     

If you're using the CrushFTP ServerBeat feature, this is active/passive.  The IP is only bound on one machine at a time.  So traffic only goes to one machine at a time.

Even if your using bonding this won't help an incoming connection normally since the WAN connection is slower than an individual LAN connection...  But the bonding aspect is outside the scope of what CrushFTP can see or know...  CrushFTP sees an IP from the OS.  The OS handles all aspects of the bonding, etc that goes on for that IP and which network adapters are contributing to that IP...

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