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Having trouble with 4k RSA-2 SSH Key for authentication.

 I have a weird thing happening.   We have the newest CrushFTP ( as of 20160802).  And if I use PuttyGEN (as recommended here) .  to create a standard 4k RSA-2 SSH key without a password, and try to use iit for password-less authentication.  It shows this error in WinSCP (Version 5.9).     And below that is the crush logs.  Does anyone have a idea what I'm doing wrong?. 
BTW It works like a champ if I create a 2k RSA-2 key.   

The reason I am asking is we have a customer using a 4096 bit key that is standard with a lot of clients and its not working for us. 

25 ACCEPT|08/02/2016 03:33:18.180|[SFTP:56918_0:steve2:] READ: *Verifying username and public key steve2.*
26 ACCEPT|08/02/2016 03:33:18.211|[SFTP:56918_0:steve2:] READ: *steve2 not found, checking plugins.*
27 ACCEPT|08/02/2016 03:33:18.211|[SFTP:56918_0:steve2:] READ: *steve2 didn't have any public keys references, checking default.*

Do you have the java policy files installed to allow for strong cryptography?

Yes.  I have .


Set the prefs, logging, debug level to 2.  What is logged in the crush log during just this attempted login?

One more thing. If I make one in PuttyGen it gives the error, I have shown.  If we use the customers Key it transfers a random amount of data before dropping.  I think they used openssh or something.    It would transfer 6mb or sometimes 3mb.  then kick them out, and the file would be uncompleted and show 0.  I only found out it was transferring  when they screen shared there PC with me. and I saw it happen.
We get a 20-30 second stop when it drops connection.  We had a Wireshark session running, thats where we .were able to  monitor the transfer stopping.


Email us directly at support so we can setup a GoToMeeting to look at this.

OK with Debug level 2 .  No extra detail.
SESSION|08/02/2016 04:34:36.910|[SFTP:lookup:2222][57051] Accepting connection from:
SESSION|08/02/2016 04:34:36.910|[SFTP:57051_0:steve2:] READ: *Verifying username and public key steve2.*
SESSION|08/02/2016 04:34:36.925|[SFTP:57051_0:steve2:] READ: *steve2 not found, checking plugins.*
SESSION|08/02/2016 04:34:36.925|[SFTP:57051_0:steve2:] READ: *steve2 didn't have any public keys references, checking default.*


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