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Error Null on upload to HTTPS

With just about every file that we upload to the FTP through the HTTPS web interface, when it is done uploading there is an ERROR:Null message. In the log I'm seeing the following

WROTE: Error with files (path):[path to file]

WROTE: Error with files (name):[name of file]

WROTE: Error:java.lang.NullPointerException

The file is there and seems like it uploaded correctly, so I'm not really sure if it's anything to be too worried about, but it is annoying to see on every upload, and I would prefer to not need to explain to customers using our FTP to just ignore the ERROR:Null messages.

Has anyone else had this problem and have a fix for it?

Not something to ignore...

In the prefs, logging, debug level, set it to 1.

What additional info is logged?

Is this CrushFTP 7.7.0_3+?



It is set to 1 already, and those are the main error messages. It is CrushFTP 7.7.0_0, so I will upgrade to the newest and see if I'm still having the same problem. 

That is the issue.  7.7.0_0 had a bug.  Update for the fix.

Yes, that looks like it fixed it.


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