CrushFTP 7.7 Released (07/06/2016)



_1:added s3_sha256 support for EU west buckets

_7:added mime types to S3 uploads

_17:report admins can see a list of users

_23:added PROT C to outbound FTP client mode

_27:added forced reset with token link for expired passwords: expire_password_email_token_only


_2:fixed AS2 MDN processing.

_3:fix for sharing and {from} in reply-to

_4:fix for deadlock during session replication

_5:password masking in details of job URL fixes

_6:fix for manage shares and download count from DMZ

_8:improvements for cleaning large listings of session/job logs

_9:PGP library update for expired library

_10:fix for VFS collisions handling delete/rename actions

_11:fix for VFS collisions handling delete/rename actions

_12:fix for CrushTask VFS replication with renames

_13:fix for s3 signature issues

_14:fix for s3crush login with serverside encrypt

_15:fix for UNC paths

_16:fix for @ in filenames on windows in jobs, and as2 filename preservation.

_18:fix for serverbeat resets when changing other ports

_19:s3 retry improvements

_20:s3 fixes for signature calculations, and resume for S3Crush.

_21:s3 fixes for resuming downloads

_22:fixed user manager import from CSV using salted MD5 passwords

_24:fix for SFTP public key parsing errors

_25:Fix for Tunnel3 disconnects of FTP clients after 10 minutes

_26:fix for SFTP client uploads indicating can't overwrite a directory with a file.