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Server down sometimes

I have Crush FTP 7.6 installed on a new MacMini running OS X El Capitan. The server works fine but sometimes (about once a week) it stops serving. You cannot connect to it. The MacMini still connects to the Internet. I ran the test on CrushFTP and it tells that there may be a Firewall...blah blah... which doesn't exist. The only way to fix it is restarting the MacMini. This works almost all the time. Sometimes I had to restart it several times. Anyone knows what is happening ? Andres

When this issue happens, what is logged in the CrushFTP log when you make an attempt?  Anything?

If nothing is logged, then the connection didn't make it to CrushFTP because your IP forwarding is wrong, or a firewall blocked it...  If the connection makes it to crush, crush logs a message about the incoming connection even before any login info is processed.



Well, when this happens again I will look at the log. This because locally on the MacMini you can access Crush.

Then it has to be an IP changing I think...or a router issue.  If CrushFTP is still working locally, something else stopped processing the connections to it.

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