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Q: How to create Disclaimer on Login

I want to have the disclaimer show up on login and require acceptance of the disclaimer each time a user logs in.  I've already followed the directions here:

My disclaimer is saved, but don't know how to get it to display each time a user logs on.  thank you.

In the User Manager, choose a user or the default user, WebInterface section, custom forms, welcome form. Thanks, Ben

Thanks for the reply Ben.  However, I'm just not seeing it.  Here are the steps I'm following:

1) Select "User Manager" from top menu

2) Click "default" in user list

3) Click "Show All" in upper right, to display all available options

4) Scroll down to WebInterface section

5) Search for "custom" or "welcome"  ...find nothing

I suspect your looking in customizations... While that is part of the WebInterface, it's not related to this. Scroll down more to the custom from items. There is an upload form, welcome form, etc. in that section. Thanks, Ben

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got it thanks!

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