CrushFTP 7.6 Released (05/07/2016)



_1:saves backup copy of DMZ prefs when edited

_6:added gene6 import for user manager.

_8:now supports extra VFS controlling by limited admins

_13:added {working_dir} to hack username URL referencing

_16:temp share links with limited uses give a nice error screen now

_21:adds md5 hashes to PGP encrypted and decrypted files

_24:added replication to User Manager admin actions for new folders

_26:added SQL connection pooling to statistics DB

_30:allow for faster insecure session replication for segregated networks

_31:added "Strict-Transport-Security" by default for 1 year

_38:changed auth cookie to be HttpOnly

_43:added startup_delay to prefs for slow servers, and CrushFTPDrive fix for auto reconnecting after network change.

_49:added flag for ssh_sha1_group_kex_allowed, and adds auto retries for tunnel resets.

_52:optimized CrushSync startup scanning and error recovery for network disconnects

_54:CrushSync detects if sync folder is missing and creates it, and notifies on quota issues

_57:updated PGP libraries to latest version

_61:added copy/paste status and cancel button

_65:added sha256 to as2, and warning if JCE is not using strong cryptography

_69:added as2 mic alg control in prefs: as2_mic_alg

_70:added byte validation for image files in Preview generation


_2:fixes bug that doesn't block multiple job runs if saving state between steps is turned off

_3:fixes (DH_GEX group out of range: 1536 !< 1024 !< 8192) on some linux distros 

_4:fix for PASV when using comma in PASV IP list

_5:fix for multi merged VFS not doing PGP encryption

_6:ignore bogus real name in PGP decrypt

_7:fix for sftp properties in copy/move step being inherited wrong

_9:updated builtin certificate to fix java compatibility issue.

_10:fix for DMZ slowness processing logins

_11:fix for extra_vfs items using underscore chars

_12:fixed issue with DELETE events not tracking non FILE protocol deletes

_14:fix for https port startup issue

_15:speed improvements to CrushTask dealing with Jump tasks and large numbers of items

_16:fixes for schedule timing

_17:fix for upload event triggered by rename action

_18:fix for server socket binding to all IPs

_19:fix for error event having no message on aborted downloads

_20:fix for SNI and FTP PASV

_22:fix for PGP encypt not calculating new file size

_23:fix for limited admins and extra VFS entries

_24:fix for hard coded java path on windows, and failed login count tracking

_25:fix for blocked filename chars

_27:fix tolerating bad schedule configurations

_28:fix for DMZ password request reset slowness

_29:fix for java service installs

_32:more java service fixes for windows scenarios. remove and reinstall for the path fix.

_33:updated SFTP libraries to fix SCP

_34:speed improvements for DMZ directory listings

_35:honors disabled ciphers for outbound S3 connections

_36:fix for daily log rolling being missed on systems with many session logs

_37:fix for replicated VFS

_39:fix for SFTP zipstream expansion

_40:fixes for logins in FF and some IE versions

_41:fix for direct linked URLs with user/pass embedded

_42:fix for sftp uploads in DMZ indicating a dir was being replaced and not working

_43:return user manager save errors to the browser

_44:fix for scheduling related to daylight savings time change

_45:fix for showing partially uploaded S3 files everywhere and not just in their faked path

_46:replicated VFS fix for deletes

_47:fixes for SFTP uploads with overwriting of a folder, DMZ and direct

_48:fixes for advanced mode applet not keeping current session

_50:multi_journal and replication stability improvements

_51:fix for CrushTunnel.jnlp logins

_52:fix for CrushSync when dealing with hundreds of thousands of files/folders and multiple sync agents.

_53:fix for CrushSycn startup downloading files with no date set

_55:fix for priorities in ServerBeat and CrushSync folder uploads

_56:added tweaks for multi_journal reliability 

_57:fix for pgp encrypting on the fly for downloads

_58:more fixes for data multi_journal data replication

_59:blocks zombie anonymous users, and ssh library updates

_62:fix for long running paste operations

_63:fix for CrushTask Find leaving threads open

_64:fix for DMZ lookup of LDAP public key

_66:fix for temp job cleanup, and filename filters on HTTP downloads

_67:fix for slow PGP downloads

_68:fix for test login on S3CrushClient