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Problems uploading SSL Cert upon SSL renewal

I am trying to renew my SSL cert through GoDaddy for our CrushFTP server and have hit a road block.  I've sent the CSR, they have completed their end, and now I need to upload the cert to the FTP server.  My first question is, which web server am I downloading for?  GoDaddy has you go to a download page where you have to choose which server you need a cert for (Apache, Tomcat, IIS).  In any case, I've tried them all and keep getting an error message stating that it failed to import.  I've also made sure that they files are copied into the same folder as the jks file.  Please help!

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The step 3 has you choose files specifically.  It asks for the CA reply file, and the trusted certs.  The CA Reply file is usually a long name of characters and numbers.  The trusted files are usually names like root, and intermediate, etc.

You have to fill them in correctly.  If things fail, it gives an important and specific message...what is that message?

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