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how to use crushSync ?


We have an enterPrise Liscense (CrushFTP Version 7.3.0_82).

so we want to use crusySync.

But I do NOT understand your manual ( ).

Your manual wrote that :


Giving Access to the Client#

Before users will be able to download and run CrushSync, you need to go into the user manager, WebInterface section, Buttons section and add the two new buttons for 'Download CrushSync', and 'Manage Syncs'.

But I can NOT find the two new buttons for 'Download CrushSync', and 'Manage Syncs'  into the WebInterface section, Buttons section .

Two things.  First update to 7.5 before using CrushSync.  There are some important bug fixes in 7.5 for it.

After yu have upgraded, go back to the User Manager, WebInterface, buttons section.  Click the "Add" button, and add the CrushSync button.  You sent a screenshot showing your current buttons, filtering them down for any with the same "sync", but there aren't any in your currently added buttons.  Click add, and filter in the list of buttons you can add.

But be sure you re on v7.5 first.



launch the daemon, it does not work. 

"java -cp CrushSync.jar com.crushftp.Daemon "


CrushSync 3.11.60 started.


Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException

        at java.util.Hashtable.put(

        at com.crushftp.Daemon.doLoad(

        at com.crushftp.Daemon.main(

How Can we do?

That method only works if you have first run it with the normal JNLP...  If it hasn't been launched at least once, then you need to copy over the CrushSunc folder which has a prefs.xml file that defines some required items.

The bottom of this page is very clear the prefs.xml file is needed.   Without that, the daemon can't be started.

I know that. so I did your manual ( )




they exist in CrushSync folder.

They exist in ~/CrushSync/ ?

Not just the folder your currently in, its specifically the user home folder for the oS that is launching the process, then a sub folder called "CrushSync".

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