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No such folder exception when trying to set up a connection to a folder inside a s3 bucket using s3crush protocol



I'm using CushFtp v. 7.5.0_41 and I'd like to store user data on s3. My set up is dispayed in attachment below:

So, as you can see, I would like to set up a folder called "new" inside the bucket called "van-ftp-to-s3-test" as a file storage for my user's data. The bucket and the folder inside it definitely exist. Aws credentials are correct too. Region is correct.


Problem: When I click "Test" button, I get Connection failed. java.lang.Exception: No such folder.


The curious moment is when I have empty "path", meaning access to the bucket, not concrete folder inside it, everything works fine. As soon as I specify the concrete user's folder inside the bucket, nothing works.

Help me please with this. I've attached the piece of logs for this issue. Log level is "2". I've replaced the aws secret key with "*".

(4.94 KB)
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Answered on your support email.  "S3Crush" is not the same as "S3".

Change that and your fine.

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