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self registration form auto-generate random username


Is there a way to have the self-registration form generate a random username similar to the way the attachment redirector does? 

I would like to stream line the process so only an email address and first/last name are required. We create a random password when approving the account and as part of the email sent once the account is approved the username and password are embedded in a login string url.

Any ideas appreciated,


Why not just use the email as the self registration username?  Then make the password twice as long and complex... I don't think its a good idea to have a username and password that are both impossible to remember.

To do what you're asking it would take an enterprise license I am pretty sure in order to be able to design a job to accomplish the ability. I think it could be done, but it would be very complex to do it...

That is not a bad idea. I am guessing that to duplicate the registration_username variable to the email address field in the new account would require an event to trigger a job. Will give this a crack today. If you have any quicker ways please let me know.



ah now I see how you get this to work

Anyway of checking that the 2 fields match?

No validation that they match...but I honestly doubt people mistype their email when they have a confirm like this.  They visibly check the two entries for issues before continuing...

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