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Memory Use: Sawtooth Pattern?

HI all,

I've recently noticed that memory usage on my server has started to adopt a sawtooth pattern (see image). I'm not sure why this would be, although I have recently created a recurring job that runs every fortnight.

Oddly, I've noticed that whenever I click the yellow 'Memory Use' heading, the memory use immediately drops to almost zero before ramping up again. Can anyone explain this behaviour?




Both are normal, but I would suggest giving CrushFTP more than the default 384MB of RAM.  In Linux, this is in the file.  Windows, is in the wrapper.conf file in the service folder.

Clicking the Memory label forces garbage cleanup right then instead of being handled on demand by the JVM as needed.

But the memory patterns are completely normal.

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OK, thanks! I've modified memory allocation in line with recommendation.

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