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Problem Generating Image Previews (Imagemagick)

I am on Ubuntu 14.04.

I have installed the Imagemagick package. When I use the defaults and link a folder to have previews generated I get the below errors in the log. Do I need to configure Imagemagick (or CrushFTP) to point to another directory?


PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.284|W:Preview:converting /media/data/sftp/Commlines/FileShare/Photos/EuropeTrip2016/P_20160216_150334.jpg
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.284| Cannot run program "./convert" (in directory "/opt/local/bin"): error=2, No such file or directory
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.284|java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start:1047
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.284|java.lang.Runtime.exec:617
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.284|crushftp.handlers.PreviewWorker.convertCommandLine:649
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.284|crushftp.handlers.PreviewWorker$1$
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.284|
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.284|
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.285|./convert -colorspace RGB -alpha off -strip -geometry 80x80 -quality 75 /var/opt/CrushFTP7_PC/Preview/media/data/sftp/Commlines/FileShare/Photos/EuropeTrip2016/P_20160216_150334.jpg/p1/3.jpg[0] /var/opt/CrushFTP7_PC/Preview/media/data/sftp/Commlines/FileShare/Photos/EuropeTrip2016/P_20160216_150334.jpg/p1/1.jpg
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.286|W:Preview:converting /media/data/sftp/Commlines/FileShare/Photos/EuropeTrip2016/P_20160216_150334.jpg
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.286| Cannot run program "./convert" (in directory "/opt/local/bin"): error=2, No such file or directory
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.286|java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start:1047
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.286|java.lang.Runtime.exec:617
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.286|crushftp.handlers.PreviewWorker.convertCommandLine:649
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.286|crushftp.handlers.PreviewWorker$1$
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.286|
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.286|
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.287|Making /media/data/sftp/Commlines/FileShare/Photos/EuropeTrip2016/P_20160216_150334.jpg info.xml exif file...
PREVIEW|03/08/2016 17:07:01.287|Exif:exiftool -S /media/data/sftp/Commlines/FileShare/Photos/EuropeTrip2016/P_20160216_150334.jpg

The errors in the log seemed to only be an attempt to run convert from a different path, but then it successfully ran it from the correct path also. So it generated the preview files.

But the previews are not displayed in the UI. Is there anything else I need to do?


The working directory is set to /opt/local/bin and that is not correct.

Type "which convert" and see where its at.  Then set the working directory to be its parent path.  If it says "/opt/bin/convert" then you would use "/opt/bin/".

OK...   All my fault (sort of).

The defaults just don't work properly on Ubuntu 14.04

I changed the command line to:
convert -colorspace RGB -alpha off -strip -geometry %width%x%width% -quality 75 %src%[0] %dst%
(Dropped the ./ in front)

Working Directory:

Installed exiftool:
sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl


 I cannot change the Working Directory. When i change from: /opt/local/bin/ to: /usr/bin/ and i press Save, then reload the Page in Browser, its resetted to the original value /opt/local/bin/

did i do sth. wrong?

Crushftp version: 8.2.1_38 from CrushFTP, LLC

Are you sure you can save other changes there in Preferences?

We can't replicate this...what browser were you using?  Can you use Chrome?

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