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System Information

Under the About tab (admin), I would like to see a brief system information dialog.

In our organization, I am the "master user" of CrushFTP, but when it comes to system updates (especially, Java), I am blind. Is there a way for CrushFTP to return the OS version and Java version? That way I can monitor it?

And, yes, I know my IT guys should be doing it (as they acknowledge), but this system is not a priority of maintaining.

Latest build adds a little more info.  We can't get a lot of details from inside of the Java app...  But we can tell the java version, install location, 64/32bit, and the generic OS name.

Thanks, Ben! Where in the interface would I find that? It is isn't in the "info" tab. Would it be somewhere else?

I updated to Version 7.5.0 Build : 29 this morning after receiving the update to this thread.

The About tab has this info.

Thanks, Ben.

I did a reimplementation of Build 29 after your post, and it didn't show, which was why I asked.

This morning I updated to Build 31, and it's there.

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