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Best guide for setting up\using SFTP for beginner


I have been using Crush FTP for clients to upload files to one of our hosted servers. This has been standard FTP with port 21.

A new client has required that they use SFTP to upload some files, they may also need to do this automated from within a script.

This is all quite new to me so i was wondering if there was a good beginner guide for how to accomplish this using Crush?

Is it possible to have both normal FTP folders and a SFTP folder running side by side?

Sorry for my inexperience here!

Any help is MUCH appreciated.



What version of crush are you using?

By default CrushFTP has SFTP enabled on port 2222.  So if port 22 is free, I suggest changing the port from 2222 to be 22 so its on the standard port.  If your using OS X, then you have to make sure remote login is disabled on the OS or OpenSSH uses that port.

Allow the port on your router/firewall.

But that is all you need to do and SFTP is allowed.  Same accounts work on SFTP that work on FTP.



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Thanks for the quick reply Ben!

We are using version 7.3.0 build 86.

The host server for the FTP folders is Windows Server 2012.

That sounds easy enough! i was thinking that some certificates etc. might be needed either on the client\server or both.

Thanks for your help!


Update to 7.5 to be current on your security.

Change the port to be 22 instead of 2222 since your on windows.

Open port 22 on firewalls and routers, and your done.

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