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CrushTask on Upload - Execute Python Script?

Hi folks,

I'm trying to create a pipeline to perform some actions on uploaded CSV files. I've previously used the built-in plugins to create an execution chain with success, but I'm struggling with the 'execute' plugin.

I'm trying to execute a self-penned python script which parses the uploaded CSV file, manipulates the data, then writes a new CSV file (the new CSV file would then be uploaded to an S3 bucket and FTP server, but I haven't got that far yet). I'm struggling just executing the python script. Python is definitely installed, and when I run by hand form the command line, everything works as expected. However, every time I test the workflow on upload, I get a failure and the message {process exit error: 1}.

Grateful for a mini tutorial on how to configure the execute plugin to run  a Python 2.7 script?



'CrushTask Configuration (note - this is currently configured to execute 'cp' as per the example - but fails with the same error)


Keep the separator as ";" and use that to separate things.

Make the working directory end with a slash too.  /home/ for example.

What exactly gets logged in this case?


Found the issue - not really a crushFTP issue at all. I did have to revert the argument separator to be a semi-colon, but the main issue was line endings in my python script. Running dos2unix on the script solved the issue, and it now runs correctly.

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