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Upload Form - Require users to add keywords to uploaded files

How would I go about creating an upload form that appears whenever a file is uploaded and requires a user to add keywords to the file before the file can be uploaded?

I've tried the following steps so far.  I'm not entirely sure I'm going about this the correct way though.

1. Access the Admin pages

2. Open the Preferences Tab

3. Select WebInterface

4. Create a New Form (uploadForm)

5. Add a Text Field

  a. Label: Keywords:

  b. Name: keyword

  c. Size: 20

  d. Value:

  e. Required: Yes

6. Save Form

7. Open User Manager Tab

8. Select User

9. Under the WebInterface section, I add the form to the WebInterface Per File Upload Form

10. Save User

11. Then when I upload a file it pops up the form and I enter in a keyword: “Test”

12. I click OK and the form goes away. I select Start Upload.

13. The file uploads but there are no keywords on the file. typo to you originally.  "keywords" not "keyword".

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Ah! That worked perfectly!

Thank you! Now just to adjust the appearance a bit and it'll be good to go.

Thanks again!

Follow up Question: I just tried to add multiple files at once for the upload. The form popped up like it should but only once. The keyword I entered was attached to every file. Wouldn't the "WebInterface Per File Upload Form:" mean that it will pop up the form for each file being uploaded so that you can tag each one individually? Or will you need to upload files one at a time?

deferring to my web dev on how it works...he'll jump in here in a couple days as he is on vacation at the moment.  I thought it worked that way, but it may not apply on that.  We'll see once he replies.

Is there a variable for the file(s) being uploaded too?

That way I can stick a label above the Keyword TextArea that lists what file(s) the keywords would be applied to?

{upload_file_name} or something like that? I ran a search through the wiki and Google before bringing it here and didn't find an answer.

I know the from can be applied to one item, or all items.  There is a checkbox at the bottom to say don't show the from for future items.  If that isn't checked,e very file should give you the ability to enter new data.

I tried dragging multiple files at once (select more than one and then drag into the gui) and also tried clicking the "Add Files..." button and then selecting 3 files in the dialog box that appears. The upload form popped and asked for the keywords and I entered "test" and then clicked OK. I left the "Don't show form for additional files." unchecked so that it would continue to pop up. After the form disappeared it did not pop up again for the other two files I was uploading. All 3 though do appear on the "files to upload" gui.

When you have selected a bunch of files the form is shown once, if you select a file again it will show the form again. So for single selection, be it one item or whole bunch, it will show the form one time. You can use "details" link on items where they want to change from details after the fact.

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