CrushFTP 7.5 Released (01/08/2016)

_1:added redirect in WebInterface for forced preview/download
_5:added flag to control "stor_pooling" for HTTP uploads.
_7:attachment redirector logging improvement, added delete & rename to AccountActivity Report.
_9:sped up the processing of large file lists in Jump task of jobs
_13:added SNI support for FTPES
_15:multithreaded deletes
_20:watches for changes in local DMZ prefs files too
_22:added sha1 flag for SSH, defaults to no sha1 key exchanges

_2:fixed multithreaded upload handling to same HTTP session.
_3:fixed bug with browser uploads
_4:fixed cipher suites for SNI HTTPS sockets.
_6:task error fix for null scenarios
_8:fix for SMB url username/pass replacement
_10:fixes for AttachmentRedirector and folder shares
_11:fix issue with transfer speedometer creating load on session replication. _12:fix for WriteTask and multiple writes to the same file from different locations
_14:fix for video streaming in safari
_16:fix for setting meta_info
_17:fix for unsafe filename char replacement in http uploads
_18:canceling upload in advanced mode didn't report it as canceled
_19:ServerBeat fixes for out of sync server times
_20:fix for ServerBeat and bringing serers back online.
_21:fix for age on ServerBeat
_22:fix for DNS PASV IP reply
_23:security patch

WebInterface changes:
- Fixed issues with events not being saved
- Fixed issue creating new server
- Direct link to preview files fixed
- Date formatting fixed for internal shares
- Explore zip fixed
- New upload customization : Max number of files allowed in a queue, Hide start upload button on individual item
- Fixed home directory not being saved while using plugin in events
- Fixed auto load applet customization issues
- Managing ciphers is easy now, UI updated
- Date format is honored now in reports
- Added TLS client versions
- User can use alternate media file in previews (h264, user defined)
- IE11 theme fix
- Sharing related issues fixed
- Added missing localizations
- VFS linking logic changed
- Fixed issues with removing users not getting removed from groups
- Buttons list is now organized with filters in UserManager
- Fixed ftpes issues
- Added max runtime for the job schedule
- Added support to get history of item and download older version
- Video player UI/progressbar updated
- Added reply-to in email templates
- SAML and LDAPGroup plugin fixes
- Fixed telnet UI issues
- Added export support to SSL items
- Added quick editing roles on SAMLSSO and LDAPGroup
- Added temporary job log settings in preferences
- Added new customizations